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We are collecting information for all restaurants and food establishments, out seven (7) miles surrounding Clear Lake, where dogs are welcome to sit with their companions during meal time. 
We have encountered a few Eateries, who will allow K9s on their premises, but choose not to advertise the fact.  The reason most frequently stated is; not to run afoul of their Local Health Department Officials.

If you know one to suggest, please email the following to BARK9 Treasurer :

Name of Establishment, Address, Phone Number, Website, if they have one

We do not endorse nor do we verify the quality of food or service provided by these establishments. The listing of these food establishments is provided as a courtesy to the residents and visitors to the Clear Lake Area, who have a special bond with their K9 Companions. It is recommended that you call the establishment prior to showing up to ensure that their pet policy has not changed.

As of: 02 March 2017



Clear Lake City

Market Seafood Oyster Bar & Grill 16512 El Camino Real 281.488.2722

Molly’s Pub (until 8pm) 902 Ramada Dr 281.486.0971

Clear Lake Shores

El Lago

Boondoggles Pub 4106 Nasa Parkway 281.326.2739



La Porte

League City

Nassau Bay



Bakfish Brewery 1231 Broadway St. 281.993.8658


Taylor Lake Village


Jason’s Deli 541 W. Bay Area Blvd 281.338.8000

Panera Bread 155 El Dorado Blvd 281.286.3273